Chemical Removal of Tree Stump

In addition to aesthetic reasons, trees contribute in many ways to the health of our environment. However, sometimes it is necessary to remove them from the yard. For example, in case of disease to the plantings, or the plant may outgrow its area or adequate pruning might not be possible and some more.

When that problematic plantation in the garden has been cut down and you have pulled away all the branches. All that left behind is a big, ugly piece of wood called tree stump that sticks up out of the garden like a bad molar. These end parts of the plan must be removed because of number of reasons like stumps are not pretty, can be hazardous, cause many small trees growth around the hard wooden structure, attract insects, and take up the precious space of the yard to name some of the reasons.

For successful and injury free tree stump removal, there are several procedures. You can buzz them up with the help of stump grinder, dig them up with the help of shovel, burn those using fuel oils or use chemicals for their rapid decomposition.

Going with the topic, we will consider only chemical removal of plant stumps.

When to use chemical removal:

The fast removal process, chemical removal, is considered when some plants have heavy and wide-spread roots that make it difficult to pull the left behind piece out or dig it up using shovel and backhoe. This method is also preferred over grinding technique in the way, as grinder will flatten this end part to the ground surface, but fails to get rid of tree roots.

Apart from this, burning method has some legal restrictions. Therefore, this is when chemical tree stump removal is preferred for fast decomposition.

How Chemicals work:

Chemicals trigger the rotting of the left behind piece of the tree. This method requires little patience as it takes few weeks for the stump to break down. The compounds that can be used for decomposition include sulfuric acid, potassium nitrate and nitric acid to name some. The acids eat the wood and cause it to rot, thereby getting rid of the left over stump.

How to apply:

First, cut the wood close to the ground level so to left with the low flat surface. Now, with the help of drill, deep holes are made and pour half cup of any of the aforementioned chemicals in each of the drilled holes and left the stump to decompose. Once that end piece of wood decomposed, burn it

Remember, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and sodium hydroxides are highly toxic and can cause severe burns. Don’t forget to wear gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes respectively.


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